One Nation For One Earth


The Chain Nation Idea

We are the Chain Nation with the slogan of freedom, equality, and a better life for all of humanity, because our world, the world of blockchains, is shaped by the idea of greater decentralization and the liberation of humanity. Our world is a free world free of racism, sexism, class, and ethnic differences. Our world is made up of men, women, and especially free children who live together in peace and happiness.

Chain Nation is a long-term planned project that will have several exciting collections planned to launch now and near future. all collections are focusing on our lovely and special people.

chain nation nft collection

The Chain Nation Girls

The first collection of these collections is Chain Nation Girls. 7777 unique artworks with dimensions of 777 * 777 pixels Uploaded on IPFS with 0.015 Ethereum price for each CNG.

15% of the proceeds of the first set will be deposited directly into the special wallet for helping working children and the deeds will be published on the site and social media.

Chain Nation Girls
To produce all the artworks of our projects, we developed our special generator software and we use our complex algorithms to combine various features. We can boldly say that in addition to the fact that there is no repetition in the production of artworks, at least all artworks have 30% different at all. In addition to special reports on the percentage of compounds, our software can prevent the production of artworks similar to the percentage determined by us. Furthermore, our software will create some artworks with high scarcity randomly in the collection.
NFT generator software
CNG NFT Generator V1
NFT Rarity Tools
CNG Rarity Reporter V1

Release Software And More Revenue For Holders

We plan to release our software as a web application service to generate NFT collections for customers and permanently give 30% of revenue to CNG holders. so more CNG you hold, more income you will have.
At this time we have finished the back end and we are working hard to develop final version with complete user experiences, web services, and financial parts.

RARITY & Revenue


Our roadmap for the first collection consists of several steps. In each of these steps we will get closer to the full implementation of the project. Over time, we work on interesting ideas to build a promising future that will be completed gradually and with completion. These ideas will enter the implementation phase.



7 hours before main lunch the 477 whitelisted members will have limited access to mint their own CNGs and exclusively be the pioneers of our nation.



Main Launch

Start minting process for all people who wants to join our nation and community.



7 giveaways to the FIVE random lucky discord members.



Rarity.Tools Registeration

in this stage We will register Chain Nation Girls Collection as Listed with Rankings on


Show Charity deeds

At this stage, some of the work done to help working children will be documented and, if possible, photos and videos will be published on the website and Twitter.


ETH Giveaway

1.7 ETH giveaways to the 10 random lucky CNG holders, each 0.17 Eth. Plus 6 more CNG will randomly  giveaways to lucky holders.




At the end of these steps, in addition to publishing the full report and documentation of the assistance provided to the children, another 1.7 ETH will be randomly giveaways to 7 lucky CNG holders. Plus 7 more CNG will randomly giveaways to lucky holders.

Also, plans for next project will be published.




This is the release time of NFT collection generator Software and Rarity report software for public use and permanently give 30% of the revenue to just CNG holders.


We plan to add 7% to our base charity fund(15%) in each new collection. The added 7% will be used to protect the environment, plant trees and collect abandoned plastics in nature and help recycle them. That is, in the second Collection 22%, in the third one 29%, in the fourth one 36%, and in the fifth collection, 43% of the total is intended for charity and environmental protection.
We will release our Game in the second collection so keep in touch for more exciting information.
We also have a special and ambitious project to help our environment. 50% of the proceeds of the sixth Collection will be spent on building a special robot to collect waste plastics left in nature. It will be a low-cost automatic robot with Renewable energy!

After Chain Nation Girls

We will immediately start and publish the second project and prepare for the next trip. The boys’ collection will be our nation’s next project in the blockchain, and in addition to 15 percent of charitable income, 7 percent will be allocated to environmental protection and planting new trees in nature.


Yes, absolutely!
We will reward our loyal and active members to mint their CNGs without being worry about gas wars.
At the moment there will be only 477 whitelisted members.

For achieving to high throughput, low latency, effective data distribution and using the advantage of being decentralised and highly secure, we uploaded all art works on IPFS.

We plan our official sale on 2021-12-25 at 21:30 UTC. That would be our minting day.
The whitelisted members will mint their CNG's up to 7 hours before official sales.

Royalty fees will be only 2.5% of a secondary sale.


All CNG's will be revealed at main launch time.

Jump into our discord. All communication will happen there or on Twitter for now.

Meet The Team

We are a family. I am Mick and I have about 20 years of experience in software research and development. My wife Ela is the team artist and my younger brother Jackie is social media and communications consultant. We all love the environment and our fellow human beings and would like to take a step towards reforming and changing the current trend. A trend that has put our environment in danger of extinction and has plagued our fellow human beings in suffering and hardship. We have very exciting ideas and we hope to make a big difference with your help and the cooperation of all people who think like us.
chain nation nft collection


chain nation nft collection


chain nation nft collection for nft collectors



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